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Le Quebecois Veal

Producer: All Natural Veal

About This Producer:

Le Québécois Farmers follow the European Model
1. Freedom from Hunger & Thirst
Le Québécois calves eat well! Their diet consists of natural foods that promote growth, strength, and good health. the mixture of corn, other healthy grains, milk, and unlimited fresh water promotes natural digestion and ruminant behavior.
2. Freedom from Discomfort
Le Québécois calves socialize with adequate space, move freely, and groom themselves in their multi-animal corrals. Le Québécois barns provide constant air circulation while maintaining a comfortable temperature. The barns utilize natural sunlight through large windows, a feature that promotes natural behavior and well-being.
3. Freedom from Pain, Injury, & Disease
Le Québécois farmers make stress-minimization their top priority by adhering to a strict production and welfare code. Le Québécois barns and feeding programs are meticulously designed to diminish stress and discomfort for the calves.
4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
The Le Québécois feeding program allows calves to naturally develop their rumen and express their natural chewing instinct. The multi-calf corrals allow for social interaction, and freedom of movement.
5. Freedom from Fear & Distress
The Le Québécois Veal program meets the handling and welfare requirements of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). Those requirements provide the protocol for humane conduct that promotes the safety, health, and well-being of our calves at every point of the growth cycle.

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