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Producer: Lamb

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why holistic…because you are what they eat

The source of our food matters. The way our food is raised and grown matters. But rarely do we know where the food we buy comes from or how it’s raised. For too long, the industrialization required to mass produce food in this country has debased the quality of the products that reach our tables.

Pure Bred’s Keith Martin and Thomas Keller here offer a new perspective on one segment of this industry, raising lamb, a method that puts the animal first and as a result makes what this farmer and this chef believe is the best possible lamb. “I don’t see a difference between the lamb I raise on my farm and the meat you take home,” says Mr. Martin. “It’s all part of the same continuum, it’s all one thing, holistic. In order for the lamb you buy to be the best it can be, it has to be properly cared for while it’s alive. The entire life of the animal is paramount.”

Pure Bred has created a model for raising lamb founded on a respect for nature and the nature of the lamb itself. Mr. Martin and Chef Keller believe that lamb raised according to its nature results in better lamb, and hope that those who buy Pure Bred, likewise share in and encourage these convictions about how livestock is raised in America. Their patented system, Safe Alternative®, is reflected in their philosophy of the “Holistic Lamb®,”  which demands observation of the animals, data collection regarding their feeding and their growth, and a verification of their source once they reach the consumer. It allows the consumer to be connected with the farmer and united in this philosophy of care and respect for the animals they raise.

Range & Habitat:

Eastern United States