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Jobfish, Opakapaka Hawaiian

Latin Name: Pristipomoides filamentosus

Tableside Information:

Common Names:  Crimson Jobfish, Pink Snapper, Ohimedai
Sweet, Flakey, Subtle, and Moist

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - The Hawaiian Fleet fish cooler waters for the Sashimi Opakapaka. Hook & Line are the most popular on these bottom fish. 

THE FISH - Pink Snapper or Crimson Jobfish boasts the most popularity in the South Pacific snapper market. One of the largest of the group, the Opakapaka fillet is very appealing to center of the plate presentations. These S&G Fish are hand selected at the United Fishing Agency Auction in Honolulu, and when properly treated will have a very long shelf life. Treat your guests to a beautiful Snapper.

Sashimi, Ceviche, Steam, Saute, Broil.

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Fall Winter

Range & Habitat:

Southern Pacific & Hawaii


Hawaiian Islands


Hawaiian Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line