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Where does the product come from?

Our product ships directly from the point of harvest or import. Whether your product is hand-packed by a fisherman on the docks or taken from an importer to the airport, you can rest assured, your product has touched as few hands as possible.

How does your product ship?

FedEx Priority overnight. Deliveries are made to most locations by 10:30 A.M. 

What are your shipping fees?

Our shipping fees are always included on boxes totaling 30 lbs or more of product. Orders under 30# will carry a small shipping fee.

What is your minimum?

We have no minimum. Whether you order 10 pounds or 10 pallets, we value your business. 

How do you handle credits? guarantees every product to be exactly as you ordered it. If you open a box that isn’t exactly the quality you expected, simply close the box and call us. We will replace it immediately.