Chevre Noir Aged Goat Cheddar

Region: Quebec, Canada; Pasteurized Goat Milk; Rennet Type: Vegetarian; Age: 12 Months

Sweet, Caramelly

Technically a cheddar aged for one year, this is one of our 'wow' cheeses. Hard and crumbly, with one of the longest finishes and surprising fruity flavors, this cheese inevitably attracts attention. Have you ever had a goat's milk cheddar? When the (pasteurized) milk ages, it transforms into something entirely sweet and caramelly. Almost like your favorite Gouda with a little bit of crunch, but creamier in the mouth.

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    Hand Cultivated

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Murray's Cheese

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Murray Greenberg was a Jewish veteran of the Spanish Civil War who built a great reputation for the business. In the 70s, Murray sold the shop to his clerk Louis Tudda, an Italian immigrant from Calabria. In those days, it was a humble butter and eggs shop that sold a lot of block cheeses and catered to neighborhood's Italian neighbors.

Rob Kaufelt bought Murray's in 1991 and began traveling the globe, finding new and undiscovered cheeses and bringing them back to the U.S. Our team still travels regularly in Europe and across the U.S. in search of new and great artisan cheeses - from California to Vermont, Athens to Wales - and everywhere in between.

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