Huon Ocean Trout

Vibrant in color with a firmer mouthfeel that makes them very popular for chefs and consumers alike.

Chefs love our Huon Trout because it is an oiler fish and marbles well. A very nice alternative to salmon and the unique point of difference for that consumer that is chasing a higher level experience. Why 'not all trout is Huon' Ocean Trout: Low Stress: We have some of the lowest stocking densities in the world - with less than 1% ratio of fish to water in the pens. Well Nourished: Our centralised feeding operations/technology (we feed all our pens across our operations from here in the office) allows us to ensure our fish are fed when they are hungry, and feeding it automatically stops when they have had enough (through our own IT developed pellet recognition software - results in minimal environmental impact of fish feed on the sea floor) Raised with Sustainable Practices: Peter and Frances have always taken the view that we've been here for 33 years and if we do not look after the environment - we will not be here for another 33 years. Everything we've done is to ensure the sustainability of our industry. Beautiful marbling of the Huon Ocean Trout creates a rich but smooth flavor and suitable for sashimi or cooked dishes.

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Huon Aquaculture

The health and wellbeing of our fish is vital to everything we do, from minimizing the impact we have on our environment through to the quality of salmon provided to everyone that enjoys our high-quality salmon. Good animal husbandry requires an ethos of care and innovation throughout the lifecycle of our fish. For us, this ethos is the Huon Method, our innovative farming philosophy which is centered on keeping our fish well nourished, clean and healthy raised in a low stress, sustainably managed environments.

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