Rainbow New England

Very Robust Flavor with Complex Notes.

Creamy, Earthy, Succulent

Smelts are very seasonal and a phenomenal Whole Presentation. When properly prepared, Smelts are a true delicacy and can be eaten bones and all. These are a fish lovers' fish. Great flavor with complex ocean and earthy tones. An abundance of oils give the smelt a "melt in your mouth" texture. Treat Smelts in culinary applications similar to large Anchovy and Sardine. Roast, Smoke, Pickle, Broil

Quick Facts

Commonly Known As:
Common Smelt, Smelt

  • Species Name


  • Latin Name

    Osmerus mordax

  • Origin

    Fresh Water/ Brackish Water

  • Harvest Method

    Net Caught

  • Range & Habitat

    North Atlantic & New England

  • Producer

    New England Fleet

Year Round

Range & Habitat

about the fishery

New England Fleet

New England was once the wealthiest region in the United States. Between 1850 and 1910 New Bedford was considered the whaling capital of the world. At this time whale oil and by products were more valuable than any other natural resource next to gold. The Seamen hunting these mammals were some of the richest men of their time building huge mansions along the coastline of New Bedford.  They assembled the finest modern fishing fleets to hunt this ocean gem and nearly drove the whale to extinction. Today, New Bedford has transformed itself into a large scallop port along the Eastern Seaboard and produces the largest amount of shucked meats for our domestic consumption. In keeping with's commitment to providing complete regional solutions, our team has also layered in day-boat producers and aqua-culture artisans in Nantucket, Cape Cod, Boston, Glouster and many other local fisheries of the Northeast. 

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