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Oysters, Live in Shell, Atlantic & Pacific

Latin Name: Crassostrea virginica, Ostrea chilensis, Crassostrea gigas, Ostrea edulis

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Atlantic Oysters produce the rich brine with hints of sweetness. Atlantic Oysters have a beautiful "Crunch" that finishes light and rich. Salinity levels are location specific, but typically saltier than the Pacific. The shell is tapered, beautifully round and relatively consistent in shape.

Pacific Oysters have a tendency to contain complex flavors such as mineral, grass, and cucumber with a complex, melon brine paired with understated nuance unique to the mineral make up of the Pacific Ocean. The shell tends to be fluted from the strong tidal activity of the Pacific.


Food Information:

THE BEDS - has an almost limitless reach into the harvesting of domestic and Canadian oysters. Nearly all of the commercial oysters in distribution are the result of "Farming" oyster "beds". We have availability to almost every "bed" in national distribution. We pride ourselves in the immence inventory that we offer every day. is able to provide our customers with diversity and quality no matter the regional supply. 

THE OYSTERS - Oyster "Farming" is the cornerstone of supply. "Farmed" oysters are deeper, rounder and more consistent than a wild oyster. There are many methods to "farming" and oyster. Beach & Bottom, Rack & Bag, Longline, Suspended Tray, Tumbling, and Bag to Beach are the most common in "farming". Almost every technique has a benefit to shell hardness, meat texture, shelf life, shape, and shell appearance. Much can be examined in this section on flavor variances, meat texture , shell shape and color, and locational marketability, but we feel that the best education on these things is trial and success. invites all of our Chef customers to experiment with various harvest locations and "farming" techniques to find a perfect mix for their restaurants.

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