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Shrimp, Wild Black Tiger Prawns

Latin Name: Peneaeus monodon

Tableside Information:

Common Name: Black Tiger Shrimp, Tiger Prawn

Great outside "Snap" and Creamy finish.
Mild, Clean, Rich, Succulent

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - represents Wild Caught Nigerian Tiger Prawns. Our partnership with an American family operated fishery, in Nigeria, allow us to provide the highest quality product in the National Market.'s Wild Prawn supply offers menu solutions for anyone looking for a "Wow" from their guests. These Prawns are impressive, not only in size, but also quality.

THE PRAWN - Wild Nigerian Tiger Prawns are an Alien species to many waters far from their Asian origin. They are considered invasive, and eating them could be viewed as stewarding ecological balance. Enough on that. Wild Nigerian Prawns are an incredible tasting and an awe inspiring product. With correct culinary application, the Wild Tiger Prawn can be the summit of the "Seafood Feature". A hearty initial snap that finishes buttery and succulent, Tiger Prawns are "Giant" in proportions (some 10-13" long), and have vast culinary applications. Wild Nigerian Tiger Prawns will have your guests "Marketing" your restaurant to everyone they encounter.
Grill, Broil, Tempura, Saute, Poach   

Weights displayed on packaging are in kilograms:
U3 Packages state "U5"
U5 Packages state "5/7"

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:



Eastern Atlantic, Nigeria


SFS Partnership

Harvest Method:

Net Caught