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Turtle, Snapping Turtle

Latin Name: Chelydra serpentina

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Snapping Turtle, Turtle

Robust, Savory, Complex

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - All of the turtle meat is processed at a FDA inspected HACCP plant. By FDA and state regulations the plant number is required to be displayed on each individual package but not on the outside case. All turtle meat is obtained from common snapping turtles (chelhydra serpintina), and it is from legal sources. It is harvested in compliance with all state and federal laws that apply and absolutely none of the product comes from an illegal or protected species. The common snapping turtle is prolific, abundant species but some states do have closed seasons to allow for breeding and insurance of the species abundance.

THE REPTILE - The Snapping Turtle became as colloquial as "Y'all". Snapping Turtle was buried in the Deep South where only places like Commander's Palace could shine it into "Fine Dining" once again. It is BACK. With technique and technology ever advancing, the ability to bring about the maximum tenderness, and to elevate the earthy and aquatic flavors of Snapping Turtle launch it across vast culinary possibilities. The push to bring back Americana in food gives light to the Snapping Turtle as a staple protein once more. supplies inspected, legally and sustainably harvested wild Snapping Turtle to any Chef who wants to honor its history while brandishing forward-thinking and innovative presentations. Even the classic Turtle Soup would represent a time-gone-by piece of culinary tradition.

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

Eastern United States


Maryland, Florida, Louisiana


SFS Partnership

Harvest Method: