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Goat, Chevre Noir Aged Goat Cheddar

Tableside Information:

Just The Facts:

Country: Canada

Region: Quebec

Milk Type: Goat

Pasteurization: Pasteurized

Rennet Type: Vegetarian

Age: 12 Months

Food Information:

Technically a cheddar aged for one year, this is one of our 'wow' cheeses. Hard and crumbly, with one of the longest finishes and surprising fruity flavors, this cheese inevitably attracts attention. Have you ever had a goat's milk cheddar? When the (pasteurized) milk ages, it transforms into something entirely sweet and caramelly. Almost like your favorite Gouda with a little bit of crunch, but creamier in the mouth. Try this with a bold, musky wine like an earthy, rustic red from the Rhone Valley. Made in Quebec, Canada!

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Year Round

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Murray's Cheese

Harvest Method:

Hand Cultivated