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Cod, Skrei

Latin Name: Gadus morhua

Tableside Information:

  • White, light and lean meat
  • Meat features large, smooth flakes and firm texture
  • Delicate, fresh flavor
  • Clean taste that comes from swimming

Skrei is caught as it migrates from the Barents Sea to the traditional spawning grounds along the Norwegian coast. To be certified Skrei, Norwegian cod must be caught, packed and processed in accordance with Skrei’s strict quality standard:

  • Fully grown (approximately 5 years)
  • Caught in the traditional spawning grounds
  • In immaculate condition—no nicks, bruises or damage
  • Packed within 12 hours of being caught
  • Stored between 32° and 39.2°F

Food Information:

Known as “the Norwegian Miracle,” the name “Skrei” comes from old Norse word for “the wanderer.” Thought to be one of Norway’s first exports, its annual arrival enabled people to inhabit far north areas of Norway when other food wasn’t available.

Today, Skrei comes from one of the world’s largest and most sustainably managed cod stocks. Only 10% of over 400 million migrating cod are caught and branded Skrei.

In Norway, it’s also known as the “Valentine’s Fish” as a Skrei has prepared its whole life to make the journey to meet its mate at the spawning grounds where it’s caught.

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