Bluenose NZ

Perfect for any culinary application, but especially for light & fresh sets.

Moist, Flaky, Rich, Buttery

Bluenose is one of the great New Zealand Food Fish. It inhabits deep offshore trenches, and produces some of the most succulent flesh from New Zealand waters. The deep water habitat forces the species to adapt to the environment. This translates to a rich "antifreeze" within the muscle structure. This "fat" is found in many of the world's most popular fish. King Salmon, Northern Halibut, Butterfish, and Black Cod all have this. Bluenose offers a clean and versatile fillet from market sizes ranging 10 to 25 lbs. The white fat in the muscle striations flake large and moist.

Quick Facts

Commonly Known As:
Antarctic Butterfish, Bluenose Bass

  • Species Name

    Antarctic Butterfish

  • Latin Name

    Hyperoglyphe antarctica

  • Origin

    New Zealand

  • Harvest Method

    Hook & Line

  • Range & Habitat

    New Zealand & Australia

  • Producer

    New Zealand Seafood Import

Year Round

Range & Habitat

about the fishery

New Zealand Seafood Import

From the tightest fisheries management available, our New Zealand Seafood Import specialties offer some of the freshest direct seafood. The ideals of the New Zealand Fisheries carry throughout the program.

From the Fishery:

To us, sustainable fishing, farming, processing, and sourcing means:

Our fish always comes from well-managed fisheries, or those with Fisheries Improvement Plans in place with healthy stocks. We continue to undertake research to ensure we manage fisheries with the best practices and quality of scientific information available.
The methods we use to fish and farm are aimed to reduce unintended impacts. This means ensuring we utilize the fish we catch, avoid significant negative impact on young fish or their habitat and develop the best practices to reduce the risk of bycatching marine animals and seabirds.
We make sure we minimize impacts on any endangered or threatened species by using technology, research, and mitigation programs, as well as supporting protection areas.
We trace our products from boat to plate.

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