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This barbecue favorite will turn out great every time. We remove the inside membrane to keep the meat as tender as possible. Combined with its great flavor, this makes the best of our rib cuts better.

Our Natural Pork lineup of products come from hogs with superior genetic lines—specifically, Duroc boars and “white line” sows, both of which are known for their robust health and great taste. Our farmers feed these hogs high-quality western wheat and barley. They never use hormones, antibiotics or animal proteins. To ensure that our customers can trust the excellence of our meat, we have all of our products third-party audited.

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    Midwest United States

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    Salmon Creek Farms

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Salmon Creek Farms

Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork is sourced from our family owned and operated farms located in the remote and pristine regions of the . All the farms are diversified farming operations growing gardens and raising crops, cattle, chickens, and pigs. Our farmers pride themselves as being stewards of their animals and their land. By bringing together the best genetics, the best nutrition,the cleanest environment, and the most humane treatment of our pigs, the result is natural pork with unsurpassed quality. Our pigs are specifically selected to yield the juiciest and most flavorful pork available. On our farms, pigs enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet. They are never, ever fed antibiotics or “hormone like” growth promotants, such as ractopamine. Our genetically superior pigs are strong and healthy and they do not need any help growing and thriving. They are only fed high quality feed from the time they are born and are nished on wheat and barley. Wheat and barley are readily available in the west and home grown on many of our farms. All farmers are Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) trained, site certified, and practice the program daily on their farms. PQA Plus is comprised of two main elements - food safety and animal well-being. Animal well-being encompasses farmer responsibilities for all aspects of animal care, including proper housing, management, nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, and humane handling. Sustainability is our goal! Our farmers work cooperatively with the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). Every year our farmers are required to receive continuing education in meat quality, animal welfare, bio-security, nutrition and good management practices. They also get the opportunity to meet many of our customers and learn about your needs and expectations.


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