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Tuna, Bigeye, Deep Water Pacific

Latin Name: Thunnus obesus

Tableside Information:

Cmmon Names: Bigeye, Ahi 

TABLESIDE - Creamy, Silky, Deep Flavor.


Food Information:

THE FISHERY - This special Tuna offering is a direct Southern California shipping opportunity. When Deep Water Pacific fleet members catch the best currents, they slip directly into San Diego to offload. This is a very special occurrence and brings the best of the Pacific Deep Water, and Hawaii to the Mainland. has a unique opportunity to bring these species to our Chefs. Opah & Bigeye Tuna are two of the most marketable fish from the South Pacific, and we have them Next Day to you.

THE FISH - Bigeye is a deeper swimming species, and, for natural reasoning, contains higher fat contents that Albacore, Yellowfin, and Skipjack Tunas. Bigeye is noted for its deep color, and softer flesh. The larger the Bigeye, the higher the fat content. It is perfect for raw application, and caramelizes very well in high heat cooking.

Sashimi, Sushi, Sear, Grill, Broil, Poach

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

Southern California & Mexico


Deep Water Offshore from San Diego


Baja Peninsula Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line