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Jack, Kampachi

Latin Name: Seriola rivoliana

Tableside Information:

Other Common Names: Kahala or Almaco Jack

Food Information:

Range & Habitat: The Kampachi is a pelagic species, typically swimming at depths of 16 - 115 ft. They can be found off the coasts of Kenya to South Africa in the Western Pacific, and in the Eastern Pacific from California to Peru and down to the Galapagos Islands. They are not common in the Eastern Atlantic, but can be found in the Western Atlantic from Cape Cod to northern Argentina - with the exception of areas off the coast of South Carolina. 

Identification & Biology: Kampachi are a dusky color with light amber/olive stripes down their sides. Their upper bodies and lower fins tend to be a dark blue-green to brown, with a much lighter underbelly that can appear almost lavender. Average size is around 6lb.

Market Description: Kampachi is light and flaky, resembling tilapia or perch with a rich, buttery flavor slightly resembling black cod.

Sold As: Filet - skin on; Filet - skinn off; Whole Fish - 6lbs.

Recommended Preparation: Whole fish are perfect for roasting, poaching or steaming. Fillets are excellent raw (sashimi, crudo, ceviche) or a good choice for grilling, pan searing or steaming. If you buy whole fish you can incorporate the collar and the belly meat into a variety of creative recipes.


Available in: Year Round

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

Southern Pacific & Hawaii


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Harvest Method:

Hand Cultivated