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Leaner and more pronounced flavors than Beef

Lean, Flavorful, Rich, Moist, Healthy, Sustainable

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Common Names: American Buffalo

THE RANCH - Our animals are humanely raised. Our ranchers are environmental stewards – sustainable farming is of paramount importance. 

THE BISON - Most Bison ranchers are also noted as being environmental stewards – sustainable farming being of paramount importance to them. As a result, eating Bison has become another way for people to “go green.”  It is becoming a frequent substitute for beef at the dinner table and at fine restaurants. “It seems Bison has the ability to put on its jeans and be as casual as a burger at the corner pub," reports Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association (NBA), "and it also can be served at black tie affairs at very high end restaurants and diplomatic dinner parties.”

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Western United States


SFS Partnership

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