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Sea Bass, Mid-Atlantic Black Bass

Latin Name: Centropristis striata

Tableside Information:

Black Bass is the premiere whole fish presentation. Black Bass has one of the lightest flavors in the small fish realm. 
Flakey, Paper White, Moist, Sweet

Food Information:

Common Names: Black Bass, Sea Bass, Black Fish

The Fish: A beautiful glisten of dark black skin contrasts paper white flesh at French tableside service. It is an awesome fillet fish with a crispy edible skin. Black Bass is an American Sustainability Success Story. 

The Fishery: is proud to team up with our Mid-Atlantic Direct Partner. The Mid-Atlantic region includes fisheries with a long history of catching some of the best species found in the Carolinas to Maryland. Our partnership is central to many of these great seafood products. These include such well-known species as Wild Striped Bass, Black Bass, Fluke, Mackerel, White Shrimp, Soft Shell Crabs, Fresh Lump Crab Meat & Oyster Gallons.

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

Eastern United States


Mid-Atlantic Direct

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line