Guinea Fowl

Flavorful alternative for chicken in any recipe. Higher in protein and lower in fat and calories than most other meats. Rich with essential fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins E, B1, & B2.

Light, Robust

What the French call "Pintade" is commonly known in America as Guinea Fowl or Guinea Hen. Most American-raised guineas are tough and gamey because they're bred to protect farms from pets and predators - not for culinary experience. Our partner's delicious Pintades come from a French breeding stock of the finest ISA Essor Guinea Fowl and are raised naturally on small family farms. That's why our partner's Pintade Fermiere is the best-tasting guinea in America. Our partner raises their Heritage Guineas with old-world care and tradition on their small family farms using "never EVER" standards of purity. Then, they go beyond even that. They require their farmers to raise the birds using French Label Rouge guidelines The Best Lineage: Only certain genetics are allowed. Slow-growing breeds tend to be heartier and more disease resistant for free-range life than commercial breeds. Small Houses on Small Farms: Smaller poultry houses are required than in industrial farms, and houses per farm are limited to four. This assures the care and attention of being raised by small farmers. Access to the Outside: After six weeks of age, birds are given access to the outdoors from 9 a.m. until dusk. Slow Growing: Birds are grown a minimum of 75 days, much longer than commercial birds.

Quick Facts

Commonly Known As:
Guinea Fowl, Guinea Hen

  • Species Name

    Guinea Fowl

  • Latin Name

    Numida meleagris

  • Harvest Method


  • Range & Habitat

    North Carolina

  • Producer

    SFS Partnership

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