Lemonfish Panama

Firm flesh with a rich succulence and clean finish.

Firm, Rich, Moderate, Clean

Open Blue Cobia is a truly versatile fish that offers a diversity of culinary possibilities with its white flesh, mild flavor, and superior texture. Both gourmet chefs and seafood lovers alike will enjoy preparing and eating Open Blue Cobia. It can be eaten raw as sushi, sashimi or ceviche or it can be grilled, broiled, pan-seared or barbecued. Open Blue raises our fish from egg in an integrated farming platform. We have complete traceability into the life of the fish. Open Blue Cobia is free of contaminants and rich in Omega-3s; it is carefully cultivated in deep pristine ocean waters and is not genetically engineered in any way. We put great emphasis on the well-being of Open Blue Cobia. Our dedicated team ensures that the fish are raised and handled as humanely as possible.

Quick Facts

Commonly Known As:
Lemonfish, Crab Eater, Black Salmon, Black Kingfish

  • Species Name


  • Latin Name

    Rachycentron canadum

  • Origin

    Costa Arriba, Panama (Open Ocean)

  • Harvest Method

    Net Caught

  • Range & Habitat

    South Atlantic & Caribbean

  • Producer

Year Round

Range & Habitat

about the fishery

Open Blue

In order to keep up with the growing human population, more food will have to be produced in the next 50 years than during the past 10,000 years combined. 100 times more production per acre is possible with aquaculture than traditional agriculture, creating the opportunity to meet the growing human demand. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to continually innovate our aquaculture technologies in order to meet the growing needs of the world’s population while remaining environmentally conscious.

Open Blue is the culmination of nearly a decade of cutting edge investigative research on deep ocean aquaculture in collaboration with the world’s leading scientific laboratories and universities. Founder Brian O’Hanlon is an open ocean aquaculture expert who has achieved several milestone successes in sustainably cultivating new species of marine fish and pioneering methods of open ocean operation. Brian developed the second private open ocean farm site located in US waters, was the first to introduce fresh farm raised cobia to the US market and was the first to produce cobia in commercial quantities in open ocean submerged cages.

By using innovative, open ocean aquaculture technology, Open Blue has moved fish farming into the deep sea. Our farms are carefully located, far from shore and sensitive ecosystems. We purposely avoid areas commonly used for artisanal fishing, recreation, conservation and navigation. We refuse to crowd our fish at high densities in small cages, tanks or ponds. Instead, we give them plenty of room in very large, stress-free, deep-water net pens.

Open Blue’s deep ocean aquaculture methods can sustainably scale with the growing seafood demand without harming our environment, the oceans or sea life. The open ocean is a high-energy environment where the water is pure and pristine, and our fish never see the same water twice. This approach enhances the surrounding environment, lowers the risk of disease and provides a more humane and natural growing environment for fish. This translates into guilt-free, high-quality, safe, healthy and sustainably cultivated seafood.

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