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Tuna, Yellowfin Hawaii

Latin Name: Thunnus albacares

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Ahi, Shibi

TABLESIDE - Yellowfin displays rich color and a lean "crunch" in texture.
Brilliant color, Clean in flavor and texture.

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - Hawaiian Tuna Fleets are one of the tightest managed Tuna fleets in the world. With Circle Hooks and and quick drop systems, these champions of conservation protect juvenile by-catch, Sea Turtles, and Sea Birds. Our Hawaiian Tuna is brought to Auction at the United Fishing Agency in Honolulu and is hand selected for and our Chefs. 

THE FISH - The Yellowfin Tuna is among the larger Tuna species, reaching weights of over 400 pounds. The Yellowfin is a revered ocean predators, feeding on lean fish. This lends a rich but clean flavor that works wonderfully in raw and rare applications.
Sashimi, Sushi, Tartare, Poke, Sear, Grill.

THE GRADE - Tuna is graded from #3 "Cooking" to #1+ "Tokyo". Yellowfin is staunchly graded according to color and firmness. As the leanest of the large Tuna, fat content plays little roll in grade. Yellowfin lovers are drawn to it's brilliance and texture. Below are examples of Hawaiian Yellowfin Grades.

#3 "Cooking" - Best suited for thorough cooking.
#2- "Poke" - Best suited for moderate cooking or traditional Poke, a style of Hawaiian Ceviche.
#2 "Sashimi" - Best suited for light cooking and Raw application with a moderate depth of color and firmness.
#2+ "Sashimi" - Perfect for Raw applications with a high depth of color and firmness.
#1 "Sashimi" - Perfect for Raw applications with a brilliant depth of color and firmness.
#1+ "Tokyo" - Best Suited for raw application only with the highest depth of color and firmness.

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Range & Habitat:

Southern Pacific & Hawaii




Hawaiian Fleet

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