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Salmon, Atlantic Tasmanian

Latin Name: Salmo salar

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Sea Salmon

Very Rich and Fatty with a Moderate Flavor
Buttery, Silky, Rich, Moderate

Food Information:

THE FISHERY -  Tasmania’s largest multi-species seafood supplier, operating from the pristine Southern Ocean and in one of the world’s finest coastal environments. The fish thrive in the layered waters of the harbour. Nutrient-rich tannin-stained fresh water flows from the mountains of Tasmania’s world heritage-listed Wild Rivers National Park to overlay the cool, unsullied seawater that surges in from the furious Southern Ocean. This creates a perfect growing environment. 

THE FISH - Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon possess a very rich fat content. Tasmania Salmon present beautifully and are leagues above commodity aquaculture facilities. Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon will behave similar to higher end wild Salmons in the marketplace, with color, flavor, and silkiness. The Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon have a naturally derived color and sugar content that caramelizes phenomenally with a brilliant center of the plate presentation. Prepare Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon with the same care and application as wild Alaskan species. The results are astounding, and the availability is much more consistent. 

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

New Zealand & Australia


Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania



Harvest Method:

Hand Cultivated