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Grunt, Margate Snapper

Latin Name: Haemulon album

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Margate Grunt, White Margate, Margate Snapper

Large Sea Bream that eats as well as any Snapper.

Light, Paperwhite, Delicate, Sweet, Mild

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - Jutting between the pristine waters of the Gulf Of Mexico and the vast span Atlantic Ocean, Florida Vessels have the best of both worlds. Day Boat and Long Line Fisheries produce a bounty of tropical species as well as migratory predators and pelagic species. 

THE FISH - In the Haemulon Genus we find many Florida favorites including Magrate, White Snapper, Sailor's Choice, and Porkfish. The Margate is one of the largest in the Genus. Margates are a specialty and aren't often targeted by fishermen. Its Snapper like qualities make the Margate a very desirable food fish. Eats like a cross between Red Snapper and Hogfish. Light, moist, white and sweet. Apply any of your favorite Snapper or Hogfish recipes for a brilliant guest experience.

Saute, Broil, Ceviche, Poach, Sous Vide

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Range & Habitat:

South Atlantic & Caribbean


Florida Keys


St Pete Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line