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Cod, Black Sablefish

Latin Name: Anoplopoma fimbria

Tableside Information:

Gindara Sablefish (Black Cod) are a true sashimi fish that can be served raw, without freezing. Unlike wild Sablefish, Gindara do not suffer from kudoa or other parasites.

Gindara Sablefish are simply our best fish, that must meet impeccable standards to be granted the Gindara brand. Gindara sablefish is selected from the total production to meet minimum standards for size, colour, and meat quality.

Any fish that are not "straight", have severe skin abrasions, abnormal structure, or colour, are not selected and go to another grade. Quality control is done weekly to ensure flavour, clean flesh, and flesh consistency.

Consistent in size and quality, Gindara Sablefish have a delicate but firm texture, with exquisite taste. 

Sashimi, Poach, Sear, Broil, Sous Vide, Saute 

Food Information:

Cold clean waters enjoy a brisk tidal flow in depths up to 600 feet. Gindara Sablefish are not a natural host for sea-lice and growing in its native environment, are naturally resistant to local pathogens and bacteria. 

Gindara Sablefish mature in Kyuquot Sound without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or chemical treatments. Gindara Sablefish are cultured among the lowest population densities of any farmed animal, land or sea. Revolutionary sea cage design has virtually eliminated the threat and interaction of predators and further ensures we have no impact on our environment.

Gindara Sablefish are raised under the guidelines of the Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise, and SeaChoice standards for the best choice in sustainability.

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Range & Habitat:



West Coast of Canada



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Net Caught