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Shrimp, New Caledonia Salt Prawns

Latin Name: Litopenaeus stylirostris

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Truly one of the most exceptionally delicious crustaceans in the world, New Caledonian Salt Prawns are not the standard farmed shrimp. New Caledonian Salt Prawns are raised in a natural habitat with over five times the space of generic shrimp farms.

Food Information:

With no antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, or growth accelerators given to the shrimp at any time, their unparalleled flavor and texture speak for themselves. Their brilliant blue color comes from the plankton they eat in the natural ocean environment in which they are grown. New Caledonian Salt Prawns have only one growing season per year, nine months, during which their lifecycle can be closely watched by the native people of the region who work with and are managed by the Societe de Prodocteurs Aquacole Caledoniens. "SOPAC" is the governing body that manages strict quality and sustainability standards for New Caledonian Blue Prawns, ensuring reliability and quality for all buyers of the product internationally.
Popularly consumed raw as a sashimi delicacy in Japan, New Caledonian Salt Prawns are world-renowned. They are deep frozen to -18C within hours of harvest to preserve their color, texture, and flavor, and we are proud to offer such an exclusive, high-end product to our customers!

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