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Corvina, Yellowmouth & Silver

Latin Name: Cynoscion xanthulus

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Shortfin Corvina, Shortfin Weakfish

Mild, Snapper Like with Large Flakes.
Paper White, Moist, Large Flake, Mild

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - From small fishing villages along the northern part of the Baja Peninsula, Day Boat Fishermen set out in small Wooden Pangas for a day of hand lining and scallop diving. The honor of tradition and familial unity are drivers in this amazing Day Boat program. Hauling Baqueta, Snapper, Giant Black Bass, Wild Yellowtail, hand harvested Scallops, and hand netted Shrimp to San Diego gives a unique opportunity to share pristine seafood and a warm history with our customers.

THE FISH - Resembling Smaller White Sea Bass, the Corvina has a mild flakey texture. It is a clean and versatile flavor that holds a plethora of application. This is one of the best Ceviche fish on the market, and can be utilized in any large Snapper and Grouper recipe. A leader in profitability, the Corvina taste and presents much more expensive than it is...
Ceviche, Saute, Grill, Broil.

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Spring Fall Winter

Range & Habitat:

Southern California & Mexico


Sea Of Cortez


Baja Peninsula Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line