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Lobster, Spiny Florida & Caribbean

Latin Name: Panulirus argus

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Rock Lobster, West Indian Langoute, Kreef
Incredible Sweetness and a beautiful texture.
Sweet, Crunchy, Buttery Finish

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - Pot trap caught with tight restrictions. Florida has some of the most efficient Lobstermen in the world. Whether they are brought in live or the tails are IQF at Sea, these are the highest quality Atlantic Spiny Lobsters in the market.

THE LOBSTER - Florida & Caribbean Spiny Lobster have a subtle yet complex flavor that stands up to citrus and spice much better than the Northern Lobsters that most are accustomed. They have a great crunch with a buttery finish. They will require "Love" in preparation. A light poach before grilling, roasting, or steaming will ensure flakiness and a buttery finish. These are the perfect species for Ceviche, as they have less oils than a Northern species. The higher oils can cloud the liquids.
Poach, Grill, Steam, Ceviche 

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Summer Fall

Range & Habitat:

South Atlantic & Caribbean


Florida Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, & Caribbean Sea


St Mark's Fleet

Harvest Method:

Net Caught