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Jobfish, Lehi Iron Jaw

Latin Name: Aphareus Rutilans

Tableside Information:

Common Names:  Rusty Jobfish, Silver Mouth Snapper, Iron Jaw
Hawaiian Name:  Lehi

Robust and Sweet. Firm pink flesh that cooks to a paper white.

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - The Hawaiian Fleet search near and not as near for Lehi. Because of the favorite habitats of the Lehi, boats negotiate strong currents and rocky outposts. 

THE FISH - Silver Mouth Snapper or Iron Jaw is an adventurous predator, swimming against strong currents around deep water ledges to obtain his favorite fishy fair. With this rigorous feeding routine, the Lehi stays lean and mean, providing firm pink flesh and a flakey flavorful finished menu selection. Lehi boasts one of the most robust flavor profiles in the group. A real fish eaters’ fish.

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Spring Fall Winter

Range & Habitat:

Southern Pacific & Hawaii


Hawaii & South Pacific


Hawaiian Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line