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Snapper, Vermillion B-Liner Apalachee Bay

Latin Name: Rhomboplites aurorubens

Tableside Information:

Common Names: B-Liner, Mingo Snapper, Pargo Cunaro

Light Ocean Flavor with a Sweet Finish
Sweet, Mild, Light, Flakey

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - Just south of Tallahassee, in the heart of Florida’s “Big Bend” region, is the port City of St Marks. This fishing community boasts that they are the oldest city in the Country (St. Augustine contests...). Here we've partnered with a family that has fished Apalachee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico for six generations. With the highest level of pride, they harvest local Gag Grouper, American Red Snapper, Octopus, Black Bass and the world-renowned Stone Crab Claw. We distribute this magnificent product around the globe, next day air.

THE FISH - Vermillion is hugely admired by coastal Chefs. The Vermillion Snapper have the incredible qualities of True American Reds, with a smaller size and price tag. The diet of the Vermillion Snapper deviates from its larger cousin. The diet consists primarily of bottom dwelling invertabrates which lends to a very sweet finish. The culinary applications of this species is as broad as the species' dispersion along the Eastern Seaboard. Sizes range from 1 - 4 lbs and the fillets from medium fish are perfect portion ready. The smaller fish allow for a phenomenal "Whole Fish" presentation. The petite bone structure is perfect for the diner and easily filleted tableside by the server. Get excited. This is a great species and a wonderful food fish.
Ceviche, Saute, Pan Roast, Broil, Sous Vide

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

South Atlantic & Caribbean


Apalachee Bay


St Mark's Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line