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Swordfish, Broadbill Southern Atlantic

Latin Name: Xiphias gladius

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Shutome, Mekajiki, A'u

Uniform Steak Cut.
Clean, Firm, Moderate.

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - Ask any fish monger about procuring Gulf species and he’ll mention St. Petersburg, Florida (“St. Pete” for short). Vast varieties of finfish ranging from tuna and swordfish to groupers and snappers are distributed through this historically-rich region of the Florida coastline. Expect to also see a robust selection of Keys-caught species like yellowtail snapper, Caribbean Red Snapper and Hogfish to come through St. Pete. It’s regionally situated in a perfect location for national distribution and with our Q&A in place, it’s always top quality.

THE FISH - From receiving, it lends itself to a great butchering aspect. From whole fish, to wagon wheels, to steak ready loins, this cylindrical body has a great yield. Cutting waste, cutting butcher time, cutting cost. With the firm texture of the flesh, and abundant flavor, Broadbill Swordfish is phenomenal for grilling, light smoking, and broiling. It also caramelizes nicely in a searing application. It holds up fearlessly against powerful “sets” and spices. 

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Spring Fall Winter

Range & Habitat:

South Atlantic & Caribbean


Florida & Caribbean


St Pete Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line