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Sardine, Pacific Ensenada

Latin Name: Sardinops sagax

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Plichard, Blue Plichard, Brisling
Very High Oil Content with a Robust Flavor.
Creamy, Robust, Complex Ocean Flavor.

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - The West Coast Pacific sardine fishery was first developed during World War I to fill an increased demand for nutritious food that could be canned and easily carried onto battlefields. The fishery rapidly expanded, and by the 1940s Pacific sardine supported the largest fishery in the Western Hemisphere, with approximately 200 active fishing vessels. Sardines accounted for almost 25 percent of the all fish landed in U.S. fisheries. *NOAA Fishwatch. Sardines are stable and abundant and a "Best Choice" Seafood

THE FISH - Pacific Sardines are very rich in fish oil. They have a creamy texture and robust flavor. The Pacific Sardine is a very Sustainable species and lend themselves to a wide range of culinary uses. Served whole typically, but they have a beautiful fillet and are sizable for tapas and "small plate" uses.
Roast, Grill, Saute, Poach, Pickle

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Spring Fall Winter

Range & Habitat:

Southern California & Mexico


Ensenada, California


Baja Peninsula Fleet

Harvest Method:

Net Caught