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Allium, Wild Ramps

Latin Name: Allium tricoccum

Tableside Information:

Common Names: Ramson, Spring Onion, Wood Leek

Exremely Sweet Allium, with no "Onion" heat. The "Flavor" of Spring.

Sweet, Light, Green

Food Information:

THE FORAGER - As closely guarded as mushrooms, the location of the forage is kept very secretive. It is common for foragers to hide these locations, not from greed, but from sustainability. A forager knows that some must be left growing to ensure next season's harvest. There are festivals, that celebrate the ramp,  in almost every region that can grow them.  A special kindred, to the regions that provide the Ramp, is felt deeply by every forager. After the harvest, a nostalgia, of sorts, is all that is left between seasons.

THE ALLIUM - This is the ONE! If you like garlic, you'll love ramps. You will scowl at the next delivery of cultivated green onions. Let us look at the applications for this beautiful Spring Plant: Raw, Salads, Pickled, Sauteed, Blanched, Stir Fry, Beer Battered, Tempura, Grilled, Roasted, Stewed, Pureed, and anything else that one can imagine. The window is beginning to close already...

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Range & Habitat:

Eastern United States


Appalachian Mountains


SFS Partnership

Harvest Method: